The MEG/MSI Center located in St. Paul Minnesota is a multi-faceted clinical laboratory specializing in presurgical localization for tumor and epilepsy patients. United Hospital, Minnesota Epilepsy Group, P.A.®, and the John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute established this lab in November of 2004.

MSI Workstations

The lab is equipped with a 148 dense-array channel Magnes 2500 WH (4D Neuroimaging, SanDiego, CA), used in clinical applications and clinical research investigation, and is capable of millimeter spatial resolution and sub-millisecond temporal accuracy.

For more information about magnetic source imaging, feel free to contact the center at (651) 241-5600, or write to us:

Magnetic Source Imaging Center
United Hospital, 333 Smith Ave N, L410, St. Paul, MN 55102

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