Provider Information

CPT Codes

Below are the listed CPT codes used for insurance billing with MSI:

  • CPT(95965-26) Magnetoencephalography Spontaneous Brain Magnetic Activity
  • CPT(95966-26) Magnetoencephalography Evoked Magnetic Field, 1st Modality
  • CPT(95967-26) Magnetoencephalography Evoked Magnetic Field, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th Modality
  • EEG
    • CPT(95816-26) Awake-Drowsy
    • CPT(95819-26) Awake-Sleep
    • CPT(95813-26) EEG greater than 1 hour

Volume Acquisition MRI Scan 

In addition to the MSI study, all referred patients will need to have a 3D volume acquisition MRI in DICOM format with no less than 1 mm slices. Anatomical points such as the nasion and both ears will need to be preserved. Spoiled Gradient Recovery series (SPGR) are the preferred scan format, although we can also use FLAIR sequences. Your patient may have this scan acquired on site at United Hospital’s 3T MRI if needed.

Important Information about Insurance

Although MSI has its own CPT codes, MSI studies often need to be pre-approved with private insurance carriers despite MEG/MSI codes being listed under “No pre-authorization or pre-certificiation is required”. All government insurance such as medicare or medicaid are already covered and do not require prior authorization.

If you have questions about study coverage, please contact Mary Conroy, RN at (651) 241-5600.

Patient Referral

To refer a patient for a Magnetic Source Imaging study, please fill out the Physician Referral Form and fax it to:

Attn: Rebecca Hable
FAX: (651) 241-5248
Ph: (651) 377-8347

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